Bipolar Symptoms in Women on Modern Era

Bipolar symptoms in women might be a little rare to be discussed. It is a subject from the psychological field. The bipolar symptoms are a kind of mood disorder. What it meant by mood disorder is that a person might feel happy for a moment and just by a clicking of a finger can feel sad and hopeless. The swinging mood can also be term for this illness. To know the illness more, here are some reasons which cause a woman to feel such mood swing.

The Reason Why Women have Bipolar Symptoms

double symptoms of womenA woman is known to be the more perfectionist creature on earth, defeating the man. From this term, we might also want to check those women are historically under pressed by the men. This condition make some women are felt superior when she has a big thing to do. The feminism will take a big part to deal with the mood swing.  Bipolar symptoms in women can be caused after getting such a huge yet promising job to do. Firstly, they will feel so happy about the job. Secondly, there will be doubt in their heart and mind about their ability on doing their great job. It is going to be frustrating for some woman who has no train to deal with such pressure.

Another reason which may cause the double symptoms of women’ moods is the great mood itself. A woman has the more sensitive nerve if compared to the man. We can all see that a woman can simply do the happy cry and the sad cry. The feeling of a woman is said to be very sharp about any simultaneous. Some psychologist has suggested that every person has to be careful for her own feeling. Keep maintain our feeling in the balance area; not to be happy or to sad. If we can maintain the balance the bipolar symptoms in women will be solved.

easily changed mood symptomsWomen are dealt with the changing of the era. Women in these years are known to be the working woman. We can see that in the past, women are busy to take care of the children, satisfying the husband and managing the household things. But, in these decades, women are working very hard to keep the family on the road. The inability of completing the task in the working field is said to be the reason why some woman are being so dual character at the same time. Bipolar symptoms in women who are working are known as the depression of their job. They love their job so much but also hate it in the same time.

Last but not least, bipolar symptoms in women are caused by personal reasons. What I mean by personal reason is that every woman is different. They have their own way of facing and solving every single matter on earth. We cannot make it all in the same average. We have to make some adjustment to the symptoms. Finally, it was not wrong to be easily changed mood symptoms if you still be useful for the people around you.

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